Music Ministry

The Music Ministry sets a spirit-filled atmosphere to prepare hearts and minds to receive the Word of God. Through the gift of song and music, they glorify God, edify the Body of Christ and encourage all who experience our ministry. The Inspiring Voices choir rehearses each Thursday.

Fine Arts Ministry

The Fine Arts Ministry provides inspiration to those who seek expression of God's grace and love through the performing and visual arts. You are invited and welcome to enjoy and explore the many art opportunities that are available to our congregation and community.

Extended Hands Ministry

Got a helping hand? Extend it to the people of God. The smiling faces of our Extended Hands Ministry, known to some as the "usher board," greet you at the door as they welcome you with the Love of Christ. They endeavor to make your worship experience an enjoyable one.

Media Ministry

Do you have vision for using media for ministry? Do you believe that God has given us the tools of technology for reaching people for Christ? If the answer is yes then this ministry is for you. The multimedia department records and distributes the Living Word through the media of CD, DVD and the internet.


ITOP encourages regular study of Scripture throughout your walk with Christ. We desire to teach God's statutes and commandments so that disciples of Christ are equipped to fight the fight of faith while knowing the victory is already won. Our Education Ministry offers a variety of classes that will provide you with a solid foundation and spiritual understanding.


New members must attend Orientation for 12 weeks or more before they can be active in any other area of ministry.The purpose of Orientation is to inform you of our beliefs, mission and purpose while encouraging your walk with Christ. The Orientation class meets the first Thursday of  each month at 7:00 p.m.


The A.I.M.M. of the ITOP Youth Department is to: Admonish- Instruct our youth in the ways of the Lord Impart- Strength and courage through the impartation of spiritual gifts (Rom. 1:11) Minister- Minister the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ Motivate- Motivate our youth to live for the cause of Christ. The youth department offers a variety of programs for your child.


Some ministries are made to educate, others serve to enrich your life through service in the ministry. Now that you are part of the ITOP family, it's time to let your giftings benefit the Body of Christ. Whether it be prayer or outreach, we have a spot for you.

Men's Ministry

The purpose of the men's ministry is to equip the men of ITOP with principles, wisdom and understanding so they may become the men that God has called them to be. This ministry offers an outlet for men to discuss issues they're faced with and provide brotherly fellowship. The Men's Ministry meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7 p.m.

Women's Ministry

The Women’s Ministry serves to build and foster relationships as envisioned by our Bishop to empower women to overcome life's obstacles, fulfill their purpose and arise to their God given destiny by providing applicable and practical teachings that can be used by women of all ages. The Women's Ministry maintains a healthy, loving connection between women to bridge gaps and promote a family environment that is unique amongst sisters. The Women’s Ministry meets the 2nd Thursday of each month.


The purpose of the Outreach Ministry is to reach beyond the four walls of the church and impact the community and those in need of help. We endeavor to show people the love of Christ through our actions and the Word of God.


We offer a number of counseling ministries that will meet you at your point of need and minister encouragement to you. Our desire is for you not to have to face difficulties alone but to be strengthened through the Body of Christ.

Get Involved

Are you looking for something fun to involve yourself in? Do you have any gifts or talents that can enhance the Body of Christ? Are you looking for fellowship amongst the brethren? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to Get Involved here at the Inspiring Temple of Praise Church. We have a place waiting for you and we welcome you with open arms. There are lots of options in our ministry for you to flourish and grow.  So pick one or pick several, but whatever you do....participate! 



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