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Articles of Faith

The “Article of Faith” is an outline of biblical doctrines and beliefs adopted and taught by the Inspiring Temple of Praise Church. These doctrines serve as governing principles whereby the active membership of ITOP is expected to adhere. However, because doctrines are believed to be interpretive, these doctrines are subject to change as the leadership's understanding of biblical principles are further developed.

I. God

God the Father

Serving as the first person of the trinity, we believe that God the Father as described by the bible is the one and only true and living God. We believe that He is the creator of the universe and from Him do all things exist. We believe that He is the ultimate judge of all mankind and that the righteousness of man and/or the lack thereof is determined by Him and Him alone. We believe that God dwells in eternity and that concerning Him there is no beginning and no end. We believe that God the Father is intimately as well as intricately involved in the everyday affairs of man – no matter how menial and/or trivial.

God the Son

Serving as the second person of the trinity, we believe that Jesus as described by the bible is the literal Son of God the Father. We believe that Jesus, in eternity is the infallible word of God the Father. We believe that through Immaculate Conception, Jesus entered the world – born of a virgin – purposed to reconcile man back to God the Father. We believe that Jesus performed many enumerable miracles while fulfilling His earthly purpose. We believe that Jesus was unjustly tried, convicted, and crucified by both the political and religious authorities of His day. We believe that Jesus rose from the dead and appeared among men before ascending into heaven where He sits at the right hand of God the Father. We honor the fact that the right hand of the Father is an anthropomorphic term and is used for mankind’ consideration. We believe that in the fullness of time, Jesus shall return and receive the believing church unto Himself and that we (The Church at large) will forever be with the Lord.

God the Holy Spirit

Serving as the third person of the trinity, we believe that the Holy Spirit represents the very life of God presently operating in the earth. We believe that by the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus was able to do wonderful exploits that go beyond intellectual explanation – and that we the church of the Lord Jesus is presently able to do the same and more. We believe that it was through the leading of the Holy Spirit – chosen men of God were empowered to write, transcribe, and translate the heart of God the Father toward mankind. We believe that the Holy Spirit is the sustaining power of God the Father presently and effectually keeping and teaching the believing church in this dark and evil world. We believe that when He who letteth (The Holy Spirit) is taken away, that the world as we know it will plunge into such a dark and dismal reality – that the church will simultaneously be raptured into the blessed presence of God the Father. We believe that the Holy Spirit is our seal, and that without Him – we (The Church) would be most miserable.

II. Church

Serving in the earth as the called out chosen people of God, we believe that the church is a living organism birth in the earth to demonstrate the love of God through allegiance to the Bible and the Lord Jesus. We, as the church believe that we’re the future bride of Christ and that this union between Jesus and His bride cannot and will not be overthrown by the forces of evil. We believe that though the church is comprised of imperfect people its’ purpose of making perfect the heart of man is not lost in the maze of man’ agenda, foolishness, and faithlessness. We believe that it is the church – with unfeigned faith, uncompromised love, unbiased forgiveness and a relentless pursuit of God that Jesus shall return for to receive unto Himself.

III. The Bible

Serving to demonstrate the infinite heart and mind of God to a finite being, we believe that the bible is the incorruptible, infallible, immutable word of God that stands and shall stand as absolute truth for all eternity. We believe that the bible is God breathed, God inspired, and God sustained for all and to all generations. We believe that the bible requires no additives and/ or no alterations for the purpose of increasing its relevance and/or effectiveness in times past, present, and future. We believe that the bible is right and all other doctrines, dogma, statutes, and laws are subsequent to the bible if not wrong. While there are many fundamental tenets that authenticate our faith as Christian believers, God, the Church, and the Bible serve as the foundation of our unique identity and relationship with the creator of the universe. We acknowledge that our limited understandings of the aforementioned tenets prevent our exhausting them and that our brief discussions serve only as a pad from which we launch into the wealth of knowledge concerning them. May God bless our understanding of them, our commitment to them, and all who ascribe to them both now and in the future.