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Bible Institute

Inspiring Temple of Praise Church Bible Institute, aka: Intentional Discipleship Development (IDD).


Mission Statement: To Increase Kingdom Consciousness while Developing Dynamic Disciples.


The ITOP Bible Institute is purposed and poised to go beyond the traditional Sunday school class, Training Union, and YPWW that many of us may have experienced. This institute is designed to equip and empower the disciple of Christ with sound biblical doctrine, which is both challenging and compelling. The Bible instructs the disciple to get understanding and to study to show yourself approved. Our hope is to aid in the spiritual, emotional, mental, and psychological development of every disciple of Christ, so that we are always conscious of our responsibility as ambassadors of the kingdom of God. 


We believe that we best represent the kingdom of God when we grasp a fundamental understanding of the doctrines as intended by the Apostles.


Come join us if you dare hunger and thirst after righteousness.

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