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Life Enhancement Ministries

Bridge Ministry

This Young Adult Ministry is for ages 18-35. It was established to spiritually equip young adults through love, the word of God, education, outreach and fellowship to become Ambassadors for the Kingdom of God. Bridge is committed to mentoring young adults to understand the next phase of their lives and make the transition into adulthood.  

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Covenant Keepers 

Marriage Ministry

Our Marriage Ministry creates fellowship opportunities for married couples to enhance relationships and strengthen families. The Covenant Keepers Marriage Ministry encourages unity among couples through fostering relationships by the transforming power of Christ.


Men of Valor

Men's Ministry

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The purpose of the Men’s Ministry is to equip the man with principles, wisdom and understanding that is custom tailored for the man, "From one Brother to Another..." This ministry offers an outlet for men to discuss issues they are faced with while providing support and brotherly fellowship. 

Seasoned Saints

The Seasoned Saints Ministry is designed for Adults ages 60 and up. This active group’s purpose is to share God’s love to those within the church family and the community. They are our more mature adults whose faith, wisdom and testimony are of great value. 

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Women's Empowerment Ministry

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The Women’s Ministry serves to build and foster relationships as envisioned by our Bishop to empower women to overcome life’s obstacles, fulfill their purpose and arise to their God given destiny. We do so by providing applicable and practical teachings that can be used by Women of ALL ages.   

We Got Next

Youth Ministry

The goal of the Youth Ministry is to instruct our youth in the ways of the Lord, impart strength and courage through the impartation of spiritual gifts, minister the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ and motivate our youth to live for the cause of Christ. ITOP offers youth church, youth classes and various youth activities.  

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