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Service & Outreach


The goal of the Culinary Ministry is to serve the Ministries and Community in their desire to have their physical hunger and thirst quenched by preparing and serving nutritional meals. The Culinary staff is intricately involved in the activities and events that take place here at ITOP.


The Decorations Ministry strives to maintain the visual upkeep of the Inspiring Temple of Praise Church. They ensure that the sanctuary as well as other areas of church are appropriately decorated for regular services, special occasions and all events that take place at ITOP.

Extended Hands
Extended Hands.jpg

The joyful faces of our Extended Hands Ministry greet you at the door as they welcome you with the Love of Christ. They endeavor to make your worship experience a pleasant one by serving in a spirit of excellence, while exemplifying love, joy, humbleness and smiles to all who enter.

Guardian Angels
Gaurdian Angel.jpg

The purpose of the Guardian Angels Ministry is to ensure that all who attend our services are able to do so in an atmosphere that is safe and secure. This ministry attempts to provide a hostile-free environment where worshipers can safely serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  

Intercessory Prayer
Holding Hands

The Intercessory Prayer ministry also known as the “Gatekeepers” covers Bishop Jordan and his family, as well as the entire church family, by interceding in prayer prior to morning worship services.  Intercessors pray for the needs of believers, non-believers and world issues.


The purpose of Koinonia Ministry is to acclimate new members to Inspiring Temple of Praise Church and build relationships through support, collaboration, and fellowship.


This ministry aids in the worship experience by providing quality audio/visual presentations. We also offer numerous ways for people to discover or grow their talents, through volunteer opportunities with this ministry.  

Ministry of H.E.L.P.S.

The H.E.L.P.S. Ministry desires to bring HOPE to a hopeless situation, to ENCOURAGE and uplift you, to demonstrate agape LOVE, to PRAY with you and for you, and to be there to SUPPORT you during your time of bereavement and/or illness.  


The Outreach Ministry goes beyond the four walls of the church reaching out to those in need and volunteering their time to serve local organizations within the community.

Social Media
Social Media.jpg

Social Media Ministry strives to ensure that ITOP has a strong social media presence on Facebook and Instagram by posting daily inspirations from our services and church activities. We also stream our Sunday morning and Tuesday night services.  

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